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Travel / 13 Travels for 2013

Monday, January 7

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This post has been inspired directly by the post "Thirteen Travels for 2013" on the wonderful blog Mommy Musings!

As some of you may know, I adore traveling. Before this year, I considered traveling to be a visit to a "foreign" place - either across the country or across the pond - but after my semester abroad only whetted my wanderlust, I've expanded my definition to mean a trip to anywhere not my house. Ranging from most likely to least likely to happen (although anything after #6 is probably impossible at this point), here are the 13 places I'd most like to travel to this year.

1. Vermont - I've been skiing in Vermont since I was six, and visiting Lake Champlain every summer since I was 10. Going skiing again looks likely this year; I'm discussing going up with my aunt right now, actually! As for the summer, it all depends on eight summer work schedules, and I sincerely hope our week-long vacation with my cousins does happen - Vermont is one of my favorite places in the world!

2.  Chicago - My best friend goes to school at Northwestern, and she was a little upset with me when I couldn't visit last year. I definitely want to see both her and the Windy City. She gets out of school a few weeks after me, so I'm trying to find some cheap JetBlue flights in the beginning of May.

3. Southern States - While discussing how exhilarating traveling from country to country was with some friends, it came up that all three of us wanted to do a road trip in the United States. None of us have been any farther south than Washington D.C., so a tentative plan was hatched to swing through Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. We'll see if this happens - I'm sure it would be a lot of fun if we could pull it off!

4. Maine - Maine is one of the few states in New England that I haven't spent much time in. I recently made a friend who lives there and found out there's a bus from some nearby cities, so this is a strong possibility. I'd like to go in the summer or fall, however.

5. Florida - My parents have been talking about a possible family vacation to Florida. I don't care much for the idea of Florida, but Disney and Universal definitely have my attention. I went to Disney once when I was two, and don't remember much except the terrifying "It's a Small World" ride. With the new Harry Potter World and a stronger love for Disney (born of nostalgia and current appreciation), I've been dying to go.

6. Canada - I've been to Niagra, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal, but all were several years ago. I'd love to re-visit some places in Canada, perhaps with friends this time.

7. Croatia - One of the places I really wanted to visit while studying abroad. Sadly, it didn't work out, and I want to go even more now that I've seen my friends' photos. I'd like to go to Zadar for sure and possibly Dubrovnik, but the real reason I need to go to Croatia is to see the astounding Plitvice Lakes.

8. Venice, Italy - I didn't get to Venice while I was in Italy - and I need to see it before it sinks!

9. Florence, Italy - did get to Florence during my Italy week while abroad, but I need to go back. I didn't go to the Accademia di Belle Arti and I didn't climb the Duomo, and I crossed the Ponte Vecchio without realizing what it was. Also, I just really liked Florence.

10. Russia - I have a small love affair with Russia and its history.

11. Estonia - My history teacher went here, and I saw his photos and they were gorgeous. I love gorgeous, so Estonia makes the list!

12. Japan - Japanese culture is so fascinating, and I really want to experience some of it firsthand. It's also one of the few places outside of Europe I have a strong wish to visit.

13. Peru - I almost went on a trip to Peru in high school and now my cousin is going with her own school. Hearing her stories about getting ready reminded me how cool it would be to see Macchu Pichu and part of South America!

Does anyone have tentative or set plans for travel this coming year?

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