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Life / The Start of Frugal Living

Tuesday, December 18

Re-inspired by my roommate's sweepstakes success a few weeks ago, these past few days have turned into a whirlwind of freebies, coupons, supplemental income, and survey sites. I've even made a new email address to avoid over-spamming my main email!

I've always dabbled in frugal living, and now seems a perfect time to try it full-time. Coming off a very expensive semester in Europe (where my wallet's favorite things were free hostel breakfasts, free walking tours, and free museums), and looking ahead to finding an apartment next year, I will definitely need to save money where I can. For me, frugal living is partially about making ends meet and partially about having money for things often more expensive - my particular hair products, hardcover books, new CDs, going to the movies, dining out, keeping a cat.

It's high time to expand my current practices of hoarding leftovers, picking pennies off of sidewalks, and trying not to buy anything full-price into true frugality.

For those of you, like me, who might need some shoves in the right direction, I've found inspiration in's "Get Started" in the Frugal Living section as well as the wonderful blog "Frugal Beautiful". Check them out and start saving!


  1. I am honored (and a little proud) to have inspired your new obsession with frugality. :)

  2. You and I should embark on this together. And have shopping trips. And get free things.


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