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Saturday, December 22

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My hair has always been a struggle. For most of my short life I kept it brushed and long. On my better days, I had hair that looked like bloodhound ears, on worse days, I had a bush growing from my scalp.

A few years ago, my mother was talking with a coworker who had hair like mine, and learned about the DevaCut. Mom and I made the 25 minute drive to the salon, got the $60 dollar cut, bought $70 worth of hair products (One Condition, No Poo, & Angel). It was seriously a miracle. And I haven't gone back since.

Some of you might have noticed - this is an expensive routine between the drive, the cost of the service, and the products. I try to minimize the damage by only getting my hair cut twice a year and maximizing what I get out of each product bottle - I really would prefer to keep it shorter by getting cuts more often, but adding another few $60+ trips seems far less than economical.

My mother, in the past, has covered the price of the cut and the products while I would deal with gas and the (expensive!) tip. However, both my mother and I want me to me more self-sufficient - I DO have a job, after all, and am capable of getting another - so I am taking on the entire cost.

There's not much I can do about the price of the haircut, nor about the gas, and I will probably just continue to deal with hating my hair the two months before my appointment. But the products. I've taken to searching amazon and ebay for discounted bottles. I'm also considering emailing the manufacturer and asking if they ever offer coupons. It might be a great thing to add to my birthday or Christmas wish lists as well, and have them be "big-ticket" items.

There is a place close to me where I go to school in Boston that does the DevaCut. It would be a more expensive cut for sure, but I would be able to walk there, weather permitting of course, and am realizing more and more this is both more green and probably a slight money saver.

I am loath to change products or cut style, because I love how they make me look - and therefore, how they make me feel. Keeping my hair nice is an ongoing and pricey fight, but is one I feel is worth the costs.

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