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Money / 5 Free Google Chrome Apps

Saturday, December 22

Since I don't own a smartphone, and probably won't in the near future (my phone consists of a dying LG that I am impatiently waiting for an upgrade to replace it with), I use Google Chrome Apps for a myriad of purposes. Here are the top five apps I've been using in the past month (in no particular order):

1. Entanglement - FREE. A friend at school got me addicted, during class of all things. The goal is to make a long, looping line that goes through tiles and avoids both the centers and the edges. It's a fun, engaging, game requiring both thought and risk. And it's addicting. Did I mention that?

2. Evernote Web - FREE. I've been using Evernote as an app on my Mac for over a year now and only just signed up for the online version. It helps me organize my day-to-day tasks and I also use notes to break large tasks down into smaller ones. I am one of those people who needs to see progress to stay motivated, and being able to check off tasks in Evernote, whether on my laptop or my family computer, helps with that.

3. Suduko - FREE. I used to play Suduko on paper but I switched online to conserve both money and paper. Options for hints, no hints, easy, and difficult allow me to practice and get better. My one disappointment with it is that I learned that right clicking allows you to remove a number you've entered, but it also shows you all possibilities for that square..

4. Currency Converter - FREE. This was a lifesaver during my three months studying abroad. Checking on the USD/Euro conversions as well as the conversions between the Euro and other European currencies helped me budget while I traveled.

5. Angry Birds - FREE. An "oldy" at this point but still a goody. Perfect for getting rid of any frustrations I've built up over the day - something about sling-shooting birds at pigs and bricks can do that. (Full disclosure - the Blue Birds are my favorite.)

Do you use Google Chrome Apps? Which ones, free or otherwise, are your favorites?


  1. I had no idea you had a blog! Also, A currency converter app was absolutely essential as a student studying abroad, I agree. :) Especially in places where it wasn't just "the USD, and a little more" (like the euro), like in Poland (zloty) and the Czech Republic (crowne, ugh don't get me started).

  2. Funny thing commented on another one of my posts so you at some point knew about it xD

    But yeah...I STILL mess up on converting monies on my own.


Thank you for your comment--they are the highlight of my day :)

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